Virtual Sonnet Linx

Back haul for mobile or fixed networks.

Virtual Sonet Linx provides the same reliability as a self healing fiber ring. Providing two paths to each location. Great for school system networks, municipal networks and companies with multiple locations within the city.

Tower Linx

Interconnectivity for mobile or fixed microcell networks.

The tower Linx product is designed to back haul traffic from WiFi hot spots or PCS towers to a central point of access.

Fiber Linx

Fiber extension for business or residential customers.

The Fiber Linx product allows a fiber network operator to cost effectively increase traffic onto the network by using Fiber Linx connections to aggregate traffic.

Business Linx

Retail telephony and data services for small and medium businesses.

CLECs can use the Business Linx product to build a mesh network bypassing carriers that don’t offer wholesale services.

Personal Linx

Retail telphony and data services for Multi Family residential customers.

Personal Linx is designed to gather customers from muliple multi family locations into a central point reducing the cost of back haul services.

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Mobile networks are being stretched by the unprecedented data demand from smartphones, tablets and a range of new connected devices. And it’s a global phenomenon.

Operators face the ongoing challenge of how to efficiently roll out backhaul networks to support new 3G and LTE services whilst...


The dawn of the small cell era demands a fresh approach to backhaul.

The dramatic transformation of network topology needed to introduce small cells brings many new challenges and operators must review their backhaul strategies to create the most successful business case.



High capacity connectivity is the lifeblood of modern enterprises who require secure carrier-class services 24/7.

For the service providers who offer this connectivity, the demands are high.

Operators require cost effective solutions to deliver tiered throughput levels and guaranteed...


With consumer appetite for fast internet at unprecedented levels, ISPs are looking for more efficient ways to meet demand within an increasingly competitive environment.

Despite fibre’s unlimited capacity, the high cost (both in laying new fiber and leasing) and slow deployment result in...