Wireless Internet

Dallas Wireless Internet Possibilities

Key-Linx Air Fiber network allows companies to tap in to a fiber high speed connection quickly efficiently and economically. Dallas wireless internet services can be accomplished by connecting a Key-Linx air fiber system to a terrestrial fiber network anywhere in the Dallas Ft Worth region. There are many fiber networks in the Dallas area, but they only reach the buildings where the network passes. This leaves hundreds of underserved buildings. That is where Air Fiber comes in. A company can access high speed Internet connections with a wireless internet (air fiber) connection. Key-Linx also provides a reliable secondary path connection for critical uptime applications. As 5G is rolling out Key-Links provides a quick and efficient transport layer from the street side 5g connection to the tier 1 Internet provider. Going to a Dallas wireless Internet connection is the solution.

High speed with Denton Wireless Internet Connections

Denton was once considered off the beaten path compared to the DFW Metroplex. It was known for North Texas State University (The Mean Green). Today however, it has become an area of high growth and development. More fiber networks are reaching into the Denton area and that is providing greater Internet speeds and connectivity. However, these fiber networks do not reach all the development that is happening in Denton. That is where Key-Linx Air Fiber comes in. Key-Linx can deliver efficient, broadband connections to any location quickly efficiently and economically. This is achieved by using Air Fiber connections that travel over exclusive secure licensed spectrum that is reserved by the FCC exclusively for Key-Linx air fiber. The secure wireless Internet connections bring high speed broadband from any location to a major fiber carrier.


North Texas is undoubtably one of the most robust economic systems in Texas. There are numerous cities, counties and rural communities included in this region. There are also over 65,000 business operating in the area. What makes these businesses highly competitive is access to online Internet. Many companies access online high-speed connections by connecting to fiber lines. However, fiber is costly to deploy, costly to install, and not always quick since a number of hurdles must be cleared to accomplish a connection. That is where Key-Linx Exclusive licensed by the FCC Spectrum comes in. Key-Linx Dallas spectrum is secure, because it was purchased exclusively for use by Key-Linx customers. Spectrum in North Texas is unique because there is a limited supply of bandwidth available. Key-Linx was fortunate to acquire a great deal of broadband Spectrum in North Texas. The Key-Linx spectrum reaches well beyond the DFW metro to surrounding counties. Spectrum in Denton Texas and beyond going North. Going South it extends to Alvarado along the I 35 Corridor. Going West it extends past Weatherford along I 20. East it extends past Greenville. In all Key-Linx North Texas Spectrum covers 24 counties. (https://key-linx.com/coverage)